National Literacy Trust: 'Literacy and Life Expectancy'

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National Literacy Trust: 'Literacy and Life Expectancy'

Postby Debbie_Hepplewhite » Mon Feb 19, 2018 5:20 pm

This looks like it could be a very important report written by the 'National Literacy Trust': ... 2bcdc22465

Life expectancy shortened by 26 years for children growing up in areas with the most serious literacy problems

We have today published the first research report to ever establish a link between literacy and life expectancy in England through health and socioeconomic factors. Literacy and life expectancy is the first in a series of reports that will be launched throughout our 25th anniversary year to establish why literacy is more important in 2018 than ever before.

To uncover the depth of the relationship between literacy and life expectancy, we conducted fresh analysis of ward level data which we developed with Experian on the communities at the greatest risk of serious literacy problems, and ward level life expectancy data from the ONS and Public Health England.

The research found that children born into communities with the most serious literacy challenges – who are more likely to live in deprived areas, do worse at school, be less financially well-off and have poorer health – have some of the lowest life expectancies in England.

What’s more, there is a staggering national gap in life expectancy between children from the areas with the most (decile 1) and least (decile 10) serious literacy challenges:

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