Scotland: Education Scotland's New Briefing on Early Reading

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Anne Glennie
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Scotland: Education Scotland's New Briefing on Early Reading

Postby Anne Glennie » Tue Feb 02, 2016 2:00 pm

Education Scotland have just published a new briefing on the teaching of early reading. This is a welcome development. Despite the fact that the Clackmannanshire research is internationally renowned - most schools in Scotland do not teach reading through Systematic Synthetic Phonics. :o

Below is a link to my blog, where I review this new briefing and its contents: ... -briefing/

The actual Education Scotland document can be accessed here: ... 873016.pdf
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Re: Scotland: Education Scotland's New Briefing on Early Reading

Postby Debbie_Hepplewhite » Tue May 17, 2016 8:46 am

Anne Glennie uncovered the most extraordinary, questionable state of affairs when the pamphlet she flagged mysteriously disappeared and then seemed to be replaced by one which removed all references and guidance towards systematic synthetic phonics teaching.

The new pamphlet was exactly the same 'date' and format of the original - but with completely contradictory guidance - and guidance which also contradicts the international body of research findings on reading instruction.

My understanding is that Anne is still trying to get to the bottom of this state of affairs.

Who wrote the original pamphlet and who wrote the pamphlet to replace it?

Why don't we see 'authors' for such guidance as, without doubt, someone needs to be accountable for the guidance and this carry on.

Meanwhile, I'm alarmed by this news item indicating that Nicola Sturgeon is being advised to roll back 'formal' schooling for children aged 7, and to stop the intent for the introduction of standardised testing.

This is appalling advice.

Nicola, then, needs to look at what happened to standards of literacy in Wales when they adopted the early years ethos to the age of 7!

In any event, what is the definition of 'formal' schooling? What does it mean?

First Minister told to raise starting age to SEVEN if she wants to truly transform Scottish education ... 3084853248

I think readers need to get some understanding of some of the arguments amongst academics taking place in Scotland. If anyone has a particular interest in the educational scenario in Scotland, they may find this thread gives them some interesting background: ... .php?t=707

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