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USA: Stephen Parker's 'ParkerPhonics' site and blog

Postby Debbie_Hepplewhite » Wed Jul 17, 2019 10:16 pm

Stephen Parker's free books and blogs are well-received internationally:

If you're going to


Do it Logically. Use Synthetic Phonics


I'm a life-long teacher of mathematics, computer science, and reading. After teaching my own 3 children to read by their third birthdays, I became interested in reading instruction in general. What I discovered in many schools baffled me: a method called Whole Language (since discredited) and now, in its place, Balanced Literacy.

There is no "balance" in Balanced Literacy. Essentially, it's Whole Language with some ineffective phonics added in after the child starts "reading" based on memorized sight words and on guessing strategies. Balanced Literacy will not alter the scandalous fact that 2 out of 3 of our children never become proficient readers.

I live in Boston with my wife, Celeste. I'm giving my books away in an attempt to hasten change in the way children are taught to read and spell.

If you find my books helpful, spread the word by copying them for your friends or by directing your friends to

Thank you.

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