Implementation of Phonics International in an Australian primary school

Calling teachers, parents, tutors - in fact - anyone - who has a good news story to share. What difference has systematic synthetic phonics made to a school, class or child that you know?
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Implementation of Phonics International in an Australian primary school

Postby Susan Godsland » Fri Sep 11, 2015 11:40 am

Do read this report of the implementation of the synthetic phonics programme Phonics International in an Australian primary school. ... cation.pdf

Impact on results
Our Year 3 2013 and 2014 NAPLAN results in Reading reflect the first two cohorts of students taught to read
using the PI program from Pre-Primary onwards. As the graph shows, our Year 3 average score
in reading is now above like schools by 15 points in 2013 and 25 points in 2014. This is a very different scenario to
2009 when we were below our like schools. Our students are now performing better than like schools, and the gap is widening

The implementation of PI has certainly been a learning journey for all involved. It has inspired many
conversations around effective pedagogy and creative learning tasks. Teachers have had the opportunity to
refine their understanding of teaching phonics in a systematic way. Some have reflected on their expectations
of what young students are capable of learning and modified their beliefs about what is possible. As a
curriculum leader, I am delighted with the results that PI has produced in developing beginning reading, spelling and writing

The PI approach has added immense value to the achievement of early childhood students which has been
noticed and appreciated by parents as well as teachers. Leaders and Early Childhood teachers from several
other primary schools have visited our school to observe how PI is implemented in classrooms and to learn
from our experiences.

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