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Name Country Website, Blog, Facebook or Twitter Message of Support School /Organisation
Cheryl Ward USA Hello, So excited about this! I am in Wisconsin – one of the advocates who, along with Dr. Steve Dykstra have been doing what we can to advance evidence-based reading practices for teachers and to improve student reading outcomes!
Maria Murray USA The mission of The Reading League is to advance the use of evidence-based reading practices in education. A multitude of stakeholders comprises The Reading League: teachers, professors and researchers, administrators, parents, people with dyslexia and other reading difficulty, school psychologists, speech and language pathologists, counselors, medical doctors, attorneys, and more. Through bi-monthly meetings and the use of networking, social media, and professional development, the Reading League supports schools and communities in increasing awareness, understanding, acceptance, and use of evidence-based reading practices. The Reading League is wholeheartedly in support of the efforts of the IFERI! The Reading League, Inc
Sari Parkinson Australia
Philippa Hobbs New Zealand Quality in reading instruction is vital, as is the role of phonemic awareness / phonics in the acquisition of alphabets, and transforming alphabets into reading and writing well.
Jennifer Smith-Brock USA @JSmithBrock It is great to see international collaboration around the issue of research-informed reading instruction in the English language.
Nancy Young Canada  I am so impressed by the International Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction’s website. Thank you for all that you are doing. The work of many of the committee members has added to my knowledge for a number of years, and continues to guide my practice. As I provide professional development to Canadian teachers, and support schools with their transition to research-based instruction, I am sharing this excellent resource. Thank you!
Jacqui O’Donnell Australia Fantastic to see an international organisation focused on evidence-based, research-informed effective reading instruction. We have had fantastic results in effective beginning reading and writing instruction using the ‘Phonics International’ program that has been developed by Debbie Hepplewhite, one of your members, out of the UK. I would highly recommend this structured synthetic phonics program as simple and easy to implement and supports early learners and struggling older readers to develop the skills needed to be successful readers, writers and spellers!Looking forward to engaging in reading what learned colleagues have to say about teaching and learning practices in reading across the world.
Anita Hellevik Australia The education system in this country is needlessly failing far too many children with its refusal to let go of whole language and balanced literacy approaches to the teaching of reading and spelling. Even in the face of overwhelming and irrefutable evidence too many schools embrace Reading Recovery, L3, LLI and PM Benchmarking because of slick marketing and wilful ignorance. To send teachers out into classrooms without any knowledge of how to effectively teach children to read or worse to train teachers to teach reading in ways that are disproved by reading research is tantamount to malpractice. In no other profession would this be tolerated and our children are the casualties and it is unacceptable.
Jessica Shillinglaw Australia
Marion Mc Loughlin-Parks England
Sandra Fisher England
Thizbe Wenger Australia @thizbew What a fabulous resource, thank you!
Ruthie Wunderling USA Helping unlock the reading codes so students can help reduce the stresses from learning differences is vital for success, and I am so happy to have more education which enables me to improve my skills as an educational therapist. Thank you all for what you do.
Jacqui Daniels-Gillen Australia Brilliant Initiative! About time the world of reading teaching came to its senses!
Khalid Warraich Pakistan
Eileen Measey Grenada
Berys Dixon Australia Great to see an international foundation for bringing about change in the teaching of reading and spelling. Surely with such strength in numbers we have got to reach a tipping point soon.
Jo Whithear Australia The Canberra Reading Clinic is a proud supporter of the IFERI initiative.
Reid Smith Australia As a teacher, father of two daughters and member of the community I want to see children given the best opportunity to engage in all that life has to offer. To that end, allowing our students to have effective, evidence-based reading instruction is a must.
Liz Kane New Zealand @dyslexiaNZliz Congratulations IFERI, I fully support research – informed reading instruction. This is a brilliant website which I will be sharing prolifically with colleagues.
Dianne Murphy England Illiteracy is a largely silent epidemic which has for too long been accepted as a fact of life. It is encouraging to see the development of a body such as IFERI taking a stand to advocate for effective reading instruction to eliminate this scourge. I welcome the international contribution of IFERI and wish every success for its future.
Dick Shutz USA A worthy cause with a bright future that I’m happy to join and support.
Belinda Decker Australia As the admin of Dyslexia Support Australia and Dyslexia Sydney Support group and also run Dyslexia Awareness Australia page on Facebook. Our support group promotes evidence based practice and effective teaching of literacy for all children. This is a wonderful source of quality researched based information.
Rosemary Nicholson England
Lucy Prabhu England As a parent of a once-struggling reader and synthetic phonics tutor, I’m thrilled to see IFERI up and running. I’m sure it will prove to be a key international resource in the battle against poor literacy in the English language world.
Lirio Treglia Argentina
Victoria Garcia Aperio Argentina
Premo de Graaf Argentina The process of how we learn to read has a great impact on how we, from there on, read to learn.
Lilian Mariela Mazzotta Argentina
Pamela Snow Australia It’s a great to see the formation of an international body with shared aims around evidence-based literacy instruction – I’m delighted to be part of it 🙂
Emma Rogers England Emma Rogers Education
Lyn Stone Australia Lifelong Literacy

2 thoughts on “Individuals

  1. Geraldine Carter

    For many years I’ve been frustrated by the fact that throughout the English speaking world there has been a wealth of evidence based information about the effectiveness of alphabet code teaching. For the first time we can begin to draw this information together. Many congratulations to everyone involved in getting the IFERI up and running.

  2. Debbie Hepplewhite

    Hi Geraldine,

    Thank you for your kind comment about IFERI. You yourself have worked long and hard to draw attention to the need for alphabetic code teaching within an enriched language and literature curriculum and so it is very fitting that you are one of the first contributors to our message forum. I hope that you enjoy watching the development of, and contributing to, the IFERI forum and IFERI’s work.

    Warmest regards,

    Debbie (on behalf of the IFERI committee)

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