Open Letters

For many years, and in many ways, some people have done their utmost to draw attention to the findings of research into how best to teach reading. This is particularly important for teaching reading and spelling in the English language as the English alphabetic code – the writing system – is the most complex alphabetic code in the world. Below you will find examples of various Open Letters, associated media commentary, and submissions, to illustrate some of the very hard work, and collaboration, that has taken place, and continues to take place, in an endeavour to ensure that all teachers are trained in evidence-informed practices and all learners receive the research-informed reading instruction they deserve. This is truly an ‘international’ issue as the English language is taught in so many countries around the world.


Read the letter here: Reading Instruction in Australian Schools – March 2004

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Download PDF: A decade of lost action on literacy – The Australian, 22/12/2012

Read the letter here: An Open Letter to all Federal and State Ministers of Education – The Australian, 22/12/2012

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Download PDF: Education system must address poor reading – The Australian, 22/12/2012


Read the letter here:  An Open Letter to a Defender of Whole Language Reading Instruction

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Read the letter here: Evidence-based research on Reading Recovery (2002)

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Read the letter here: Another blast in the reading wars – Washington Post 17/11/2013

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Read the letter here: Open letter to Nicky Morgan: ‘Why the Year 1 phonics check must stay’ – TES Opinion – 30th July 2014

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