Geoff Vaughan

I have been a teacher of English and school leader since qualifying from the University of Stirling (BA Hons, DipEd 2.i) in 1995. In 2006 I attained my NPQH qualification (National Professional Qualification for Headteachers). I have also certified through completing the Phonics Training Online course.

I am now based at Eszterházy Károlyi University in Eger, Hungary where I am completing my Masters in English and Pedagogy which I am due to complete in June 2021.  (

Why Hungary? It is my wife’s home country and we wished to return here to bring up our son, Marcel, as he gets ready for starting pre-school this year. It is fascinating raising a bilingual child and his dual language development is of real value for me as I both try to learn a new language myself and see his language developing before my eyes.

As a university teacher I have access to, and have already made a bid for, university funding routes (Erasmus+) to establish international projects to establish the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) for second language learners.

My professional direction is to begin PhD work that is focused on using the science of reading to further develop the teaching and learning of reading (and spelling and handwriting) with second language learning. Being based in a country where English is a second language gives me opportunities to establish research on the ground level here. However, I am keen to be an international pioneer for effective reading instruction and would see that over the next few years I devote a significant amount of my time to establishing international work with schools and education bodies that can be trained in effective reading instruction.

Being a member of and advocating for IFERI is, I believe, the most effective way of continuing to share the knowledge and passion of effective reading instruction worldwide through an important and significant body. The vital messages for the future of reading will be better shared when coming from a respected body of professionals with a diverse and deep knowledge base. I believe that I am also a pioneer for this work and would bring an energy and vitality to IFERI that can see it really take off as a leading international organisation in the promotion of effective reading instruction. This has untold capacity for change around the world.

I am an active proponent of the science of reading through my twitter page @EdInspire where my passion is visible for all to see.

With my very best regards and welcome to the IFERI community.